Which websites I follow to make travel easy

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There’s an endless struggle to make your journey hassle free, but if you know the right resource to find your guideline that works like a genie from the lamp like Aladdin. Well before I plan my trip to somewhere I always prepare myself at least a month ahead to gather knowledge about that place, culture or tourism pros and cons. To get these data I do brows some reliable sites and apps.

Must Check websites:

  • For guideline from fellow travveller: www.tripadvisor.com
  • To check Hotel price: www.booking.com
  • To check Month wise Air fare trend https://matrix.itasoftware.com/
  • Flight Check: www.Skyscanner.com
  • Flight and Hotels: www.kayak.com

I will add more resources once I personally test them and get good experience from them.


Seating at the foot of the Petrsonas tower

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The Petronas Twin Tower is an iconic landmark in Kualalumpur, Malaysia. It represents the glory of developing Malaysia in progress on Industrial and Modern era. It has 88 floors and 5 underground floors. There are many other attractions here in Petronas like Suriya KLCC shopping malls and underground Sea World (aquarium)

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