A sleepless Scary Night in Ubud, Bali


Many times, I could not sleep whenever I am in a new place though that is due to excitement or crazy head for next day planning. But never lost my sleep because of fear of paranormal thought, that one time I was in a tour with my friends and stayed in a house in unknown place. My friend was so frightened that through the window there is a cemetery. And day the next day we discovered that that is just a beautiful garden by the next door.

Graha moding

Graha ModingVilla resort


Anyway, in recent Bali trip I could not close my eyes for a moment. I am not a crowd loving guy so that I always try to try to avoid rush area and find some peace and calm. Last time I was in Nusa Dua so this time to save few bucks and get new experience booked hotel in Kuta. But staying two days there I felt like I need an escape to somewhere into nature. Next in search of peace I booked a villa in Ubud, exactly not in Ubub central but somewhere in remote tribal village. I did not know how far remote the tribal village I was enthusiastic about. Everywhere in Bali there are odd looking sculpture of their God or religious figure, I was so scary staring at them. Well, after driving through out Ubud road still there is no sign of our destination, crossing Ubud central our taxi still driving through the Jungle, up and down hill track. I noticed driver is following his GPS that means even he does not know about the place w are heading for. At last, we have reached to a tribal village, at the entrance there were huge crowd we could not even move ahead. I saw there were many people sitting with many small items and food cart then I realized it a tribal village carnival. By making some space our car moving ahead and then I saw that GPS notifying us we just left behind the destination. But neither of us seeing any gate for the villa, again we took a U-turn and asking locals driver confirmed that the gate is in the right side at the crowd. Finally, we have reached Our Destination Graha Moding Villas but I was little upset that we come here to spend some calm time but here lots of noises.

Well I thought the crowd will be back home at the evening and then everything will be alright. My driver was unloading luggage’s and asked me smiling “Are you sure going to stay here? “I saw of course we made the booking here.  Paying the driver, I went to the reception if there any formalities to complete, I was wondered to see the reception is so ordinary like homestay places. Meanwhile, my wife was talking will the guy who is assisting us there regarding what’s happening out there. Then the guy replied something we were not expecting. He said, “There is a tribal cremation ceremony” we further asked what is that mean then he replied again with his broken English “Dead body” “Fired, burned here “one hour ago” hearing that I just realized what the hell he just said? And now I am clear even why the driver asking us about to stay here. To keep my wife calm I said hey don’t worry he doesn’t know English and could not answer our question accordingly.


tribal prayer


By Check-in into my room I went outside at the balcony I saw right beside the boundary wall there some they burned earlier, also there are some hanging bamboo rack. From far away looks like there might be kept some corps wrapped with white cloths. I have heard about many cremation rituals of preserving corps instead of burning or burring.


At the evening, we went outside to walk into tribal village and entered their carnival. We could not dare to walk close to the burner side also as outside we are not aware of their rules and regulation so better stay away. They were staring us with popping eyes we are amazed too, but could not make any conversation as no one there to understand English.

After sun goes down we went back to our cottage and closed all windows and doors tightly jumped into the bed. Since heard about the ceremony still those words flying into my hear “Deadbody””Burn””Cremation” I closed down my eyes and not to think of them. Then suddenly people outside started to play their drums and chanting their prayers. I looked all inside the room and noticed there is no more TV, Wi-Fi or even Intercom to call receptions in emergency. The Interior was truly natural. I told myself this night sleep-fairy not going to come in my room. We had an early morning flight so tried to keep eyes closed. But it did not work!