Darjeeling – Daughter of mountains

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The trip to the Darjeeling not pleasant to me as I have hightphobia, but enjoyed the atmosphere at the hill top city. Darjeeling is situated at high altitude of eight thousands to twelve thousands from the sea level.

We started our journey from Kolkata, West-Bengal by flight to the small airport Bagdogra. After landing we took a bargain taxi from outside airport to Darjeeling through Shiliguri town. first it was ground road for one hour then started climbing the hill road. I was in panic as the ground was getting far away from the car window while I was watching the distance, also the track was so narrow. Barely another car was able to pass but the driver was expert on his steering so we were climbing high rapidly. After few hours of drive we took a break in a road side restaurant to have some snacks and tea.

When have reached to the Darjeeling city it was dusk and street lights were turned on. We paid the bill and again started climbing the stairs of our hotel as it was in high from the ground. The weather was so cool and we were freezing when we went out to have some food for the night. The hotel manager informed us that every shop here get closed down early. We walked to the city center and got a good restaurant there “Hasty tasty”

Next day we spent time in hotel’s fire place to read books, walking on the streets, having finest tea and snacks in the town. When got back to the hotel we booked our next day trip to the Tiger hill to watch Sunrise on the wall on Kanchanjhanga a part of the Everest.

At the early morning around 4 AM the car picked us and started journey towards Tiger hill by hill road. We have reached Tiger hill at Morning 6 AM and saw big crowd on cars and thousands of people. We took coffee from the street hawker and climbed Tiger hill and wait to sunrise. Suddenly I feltĀ  bone shaking freezing cold. The temperature here far colder than the city.

After 20 minutes waiting got the first glimpse of egg yellow sun was rising. And the other side golden ray was shining on the wall of kanchanjhanga. the moment was truly magicalĀ  which can’t be explained through any word. I used my long distance zoom lens of my camera to get a closer look. We spent one hour there until full sun rose and spread the light all over.


We booked some other placed with the taxi package to check in, toy train station, Ghum monastery, Tibbet Museum, Tea Garden, Zoo among them. We finished our day tour before evening and again spent rest hours in the city center.