Being Minimalistic makes Travel Easy

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It differs how you prefer to travel in an alien place, that might be luxurious or roaming with basics. I always prefer basics because from many experiences I come to the result that bringing all stuff I need a daily life creates huge load while traveling in a new place. We think we better keep everything in our backpack to use whenever or where ever we need them. But seriously that’s really unnecessary and we can avoid those things if we think positive. If you prioritize your comfort on a journey you might lose the real taste of being free from daily life.

Just think is this really necessary to take all of your cosmetics or toiletries or even your best shoes and expensive perfumes when you are on a trip? In my sense? you don’t even need to bring your toothpaste because you can manage them around your stay at any time.Also, do you check Foursquare while walking in an unknown place to check best reviews? but it might happen that best local restaurant not even listed in Foursquare and missed it. Try to explore best of best when you are about to know the local culture, cuisine or attractions. Don’t just rely on online resources make your lifetime experience at offline.

To get complete taste of being nomad walk on your way rather than some pre-designed  travel rout some people already experienced earlier. Why not make your own rout to explore something new, experience something new. Start your journey with as much less things you need to move on, collect whatever you need from the street.

Leave luxury behind, trust me you will find uncountable love and life on the way.